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David Basin, Felix Klaedtke, Matus Harvan and Eugen Zalinescu received the "Best Tool Paper Award" at the Runtime Verification (RV'11) conference for the paper "MONPOLY: Monitoring Usage-control Policies".
MONPOLY is a monitoring tool that checks compliance of log files with respect to policies formalized in metric first-order temporal logic.


Title: Applied Information Security - A Hands-on Approach
Authors: David Basin and Patrick Schaller and Michael Schläpfer
Year: 2011, 2011, XIV, 202 p. 15 illus.
Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-642-24473-5

  • 8 November 2012: The book is an editor's pick and the current highlight of ACM's Computing Reviews:
    "This book is a good way for newcomers to the security field, or those who want an overview of a goodly sampling of security issues, to start understanding both the issues and possible defenses. It is very much a workbook, with numerous in-line problems to work on and a nice set of questions and exercises for each chapter; answers appear in an appendix. Many of the exercises involve using specific software to look at events as they occur. ... It is very readable and well organized, and the questions and exercises are generally very good. It is an excellent introduction to the subject and would make a good upper-level undergraduate text. It would also be quite useful as a self-study text for someone new to the field." (Jeffrey Putnam, ACM Computing Reviews, August 2012)
    Read the full review.


  • 13 December 2011 - 15:00h, CAB G 59
    Lujo Bauer, Carnegie Mellon University USA
    Measuring the Security and Usability of Password-Composition Policies
  • 8 November 2011 - 14:00h, CNB F 110
    Petar Tsankov, ETH Zurich (Master Student)
    Constructing Mid-points for Two-party Asynchronous Protocols
  • 3 November 2011 - 15:15h, CNB F 110
    Ralf Kuesters, University Trier
    Security Properties of E-Voting Systems and Their Analysis
  • 1 November 2011 - 15:05h, CAB G 59
    Ralf Kuesters, University Trier
    The IITM Model and Simulation-based Analysis of Real-World
Security Protocols
  • 18 Oktober 2011 - 14:00h, CNB F 110
    Nataliia Bielova, University of Trento Italy
    NESSOS presentation: Reactive non-interference for a Browser Model
  • 27 September 2011 - 15:15h, CNB F 110
    Goran Doychev, Saarland University
    Master Thesis presentation: Analysis and Mitigation of Information Leaks in Encrypted Web Browsing Traffic
  • 23 August 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Cedric Staub, ETH Zurich
    Bachelor Thesis presentation: A user interface for interactive security protocol design
  • 16 August 2011 - 11:00, CNB F 110
    Dominik Rüegger, IBM Rüschlikon
    Master Thesis presentation: Tool Support for Authorization-Constrained Workflows
  • 15 August 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Simon Hudon, ETH Zurich
    Master Thesis presentation: A Progress Preserving Refinement
  • 24 May 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Divay Bansal
    Master Thesis presentation: XACML Based Access Control For Key Management With OASIS KMIP
  • 19 April 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Martin Schaub
    Master Thesis presentation: Efficient Interactive Construction of Machine-Checked Protocol
  • 13 April 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Carlos Caleiro, SQIG-IT, Lisbon, Portugal
    Distributed Temporal Logic for the Analysis of Security Protocol Models
  • 22 February 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Mahdi Asadpour
    Master Thesis presentation: An Anonymous RFID Authentication Protocol and its Automated Analysis with OFMC
  • 8 February 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Petar Tsankov
    Group Seminar Talk: Execution hijacking: Improving dynamic-analysis by flying off course
  • 25 January 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Adrian Kyburz
    Master Thesis presentation: An automated formal analysis of the security of the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol in the presence of compromising adversaries
  • 18 January 2011 - 14:00, CNB F 110
    Gudmund Grov
    Group Seminar Talk: The use of AI to support top-down formal system development
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