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  • Der-Yeuan Yu, Elizabeth Stobert, David Basin, Srdjan Capkun
    Exploring Website Location as a Security Indicator
    CoRR, 2016
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  • David Basin, Cas Cremers, Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim, Adrian Perrig, Ralf Sasse, Pawel Szalachowski
    Design, Analysis, and Implementation of ARPKI: an Attack-Resilient Public Key Infrastructure
    IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC) 2016
    [BIB (BIB, 536 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 687 KB) | DOI]
  • Jasmin Blanchette, Andrei Popescu, Dmitriy Traytel
    Soundness and Completeness Proofs by Coinductive Methods

    In Journal of Automated Reasoning, 2016.
  • Der-Yeuan Yu, Aanjhan Ranganathan, Ramya Jayaram Masti, Claudio Soriente, Srdjan Capkun
    SALVE: Server Authentication with Location Verification
    22nd Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom) 2016
    [BIB (BIB, 378 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 454 KB) | DOI]
  • Michael Backes and Robert Künnemann and Esfandiar Mohammadi
    Computational Soundness of Dalvik Bytecode
    23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2016)
    [BIB (BIB, 345 Bytes) | PDF | DOI]
  • David Basin, Søren Debois, Thomas T. Hildebrandt
    In the Nick of Time: Proactive Prevention of Obligation Violations
    CSF 2016: 120-134
    [BIB | PDF | DOI]
  • Andreas Lochbihler, Joshua Schneider
    Equational Reasoning with Applicative Functors
    In Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Stefan Merz (Eds.), Interactive Theorem Proving (ITP 2016), LNCS 9807, pp. 252-273, 2016.
    [BIB (BIB, 415 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 287 KB) | DOI]
  • Andreas Fürst, Thai Son Hoang, David Basin, Naoto Sato, Kunihiko Miyazaki
    Large-scale System Development Using Abstract Data Types and Refinement
    In Science of Computer Programming, 2016
    [BIB (BIB, 471 Bytes) | PDF | DOI]
  • David Basin, Germano Caronni, Sarah Ereth, Matus Harvan, Felix Klaedtke, Heiko Mantel
    Scalable Offline Monitoring of Temporal Specifications
    In Formal Methods in System Design, 2016.
    [BIB | PDF | DOI]
  • David Basin, Sasa Radomirovic, and Lara Schmid
    Modeling Human Errors in Security Protocols
    In 29th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF16).
    [BIB (BIB, 353 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 349 KB) | DOI]
  • Petar Tsankov, Mohammad Torabi Dashti, David Basin
    Access Control Synthesis for Physical Spaces

    In Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF), 2016.
    [BIB (BIB, 471 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 401 KB)]
  • Dmitriy Traytel
    Formal Languages, Formally and Coinductively

    In Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction (FSCD), 2016.
  • Andreas Lochbihler
    A formal proof of the max-flow min-cut theorem for countable networks
    Archive of Formal Proofs, 2016.
    [BIB (BIB, 355 Bytes) | Link]   
  • Marco Guarnieri, Srdjan Marinovic, David Basin
    Strong and Provably Secure Database Access Control
    In 1st IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy, 2016.
    [BIB (BIB, 266 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 479 KB) | DOI | Technical Report ]
  • Andreas Lochbihler
    Probabilistic Functions and Cryptographic Oracles in Higher-Order Logic.
    In: Peter Thiemann (Ed.), Programming Languages and Systems (ESOP 2016), LNCS 9632, pp. 503-531, Springer, 2016.
    [BIB (BIB, 386 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 480 KB) | DOI]
  • Mohammad Torabi Dashti and David Basin

    Security Testing Beyond Functional Tests

    In Eight International Symposium on Engineering Secure Software and Systems (ESSOS), 2016.
[BIB (BIB, 605 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 221 KB) | DOI]
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