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  • V. Alyokhin and B. Elbel and M. Rothfelder and A. Pretschner.
    Coverage Metrics for Continuous Function Charts
    In 15th IEEE Intl. Symp. on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE'04).
    IEEE, 2004.
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  • David Basin.
    Sicher in die Informationsgesellschaft von morgen?
    In PIK: Praxis der Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation (3), pages 180-182, 2004.
    Zurich Infomration Security Center (ZISC)
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  • David Basin and Manuel Clavel and Josè Meseguer.
    Reflective Metalogical Frameworks
    In ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, 5 (3), pages 528-576, 2004.
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  • David Basin and Yves Deville and Pierre Flener and Andreas Hamfelt and Jorgen Fischer Nilsson.
    Synthesis of Programs in Computational Logic.
    In Program Development in Computational Logic. LNCS, volume 3049
    Springer-Verlag, 2004.
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  • David Basin and Kunihiko Miyazaki and Kazuo Takaragi.
    A Formal Analysis of a Digital Signature Architecture.
    In Integrity and Internal Control in Information Systems, IV.
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 552 Bytes) | BibTeX (TXT, 1 KB)]
  • David Basin and Sebastian Mödersheim and Luca Viganò.
    OFMC: A Symbolic Model-Checker for Security Protocols
    ETH Zürich, Computer Science, Technical Report 450, 2004.
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  • Achim D. Brucker and Burkhart Wolff.
    Symbolic Test Case Generation for Primitive Recursive Functions.
    Computer Security Group, ETH Zürich, Technical Report 449, 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 847 Bytes) | BibTeX (TXT, 1 KB)]
  • Carlos Caleiro and Luca Viganò and David Basin.
    Towards a Metalogic for Security Protocol Analysis
    In Proceedings of the Workshop on the Combination of Logics: Theory and Applications (Comblog'04).
    Center for Logic and Computation, Departamento de Matemática, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, 2004.
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  • Paul Hankes Drielsma and Sebastian Mödersheim.
    The ASW Protocol Revisited: A Unified View
    In Automated Reasoning for Security Protocol Analysis (ARSPA).ENTCS, 2004.
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  • Marieke Huisman and Dilian Gurov and Christoph Sprenger and Gennady Chugunov.
    Checking Abscence of Illicit Applet Interactions: A Case Study.
    In FASE 04.Springer, 2004.
    Winner of the EASST award for Best Software Science Paper
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  • F. Klaedtke.
    On the Automata Size for Presburger Arithmetic
    In Proceedings of the 19th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS 2004).
    IEEE Computer Society Press, 2004.
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  • Boris Köpf and Heiko Mantel.
    Eliminating Timing Leaks by Unification (Extended Abstract)
    In First International Workshop on Programming Language Interference and Dependence.
    University of Verona, 2004.
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  • Christoph Kreitz and Heiko Mantel.
    A Matrix Characterization for Multiplicative Exponential Linear Logic.
    In Journal of Automated Reasoning, 32, pages 121-166, 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 822 Bytes) | BibTeX (TXT, 1 KB)]
  • Jochen Küster and Shane Sendall and Michael Wahler.
    Comparing two Model Transformation Approaches
    In UML 2004. Workshop: OCL and Model Driven Engineering., 2004.
    [BibTeX (TXT, 399 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 154 KB)]
  • Heiko Mantel and David Sands.
    Controlled Declassification based on Intransitive Noninterference
    In 2nd ASIAN Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems, APLAS 2004.
    LNCS, 3302. Springer, 2004.
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  • Paulo Mateus and Am'ilcar Sernadas and Cristina Sernadas and Luca Viganò.
    Modal sequent calculi labelled with truth values: completeness, duality and analyticity
    In Logic Journal of the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics (IGPL), 12 (3), pages 227-274, 2004.
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  • W. Prenninger and A. Pretschner.
    Abstractions for Model-Based Testing
    In 2nd Intl. Workshop on Test and Analysis of Component Based Systems., 2004.
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  • A. Pretschner.
    Modellbasiertes Testen
    In Modellierung 2004.LNI, 45. GI, 2004.
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  • A. Pretschner and H. Lötzbeyer and J. Philipps.
    Model Based Testing in Incremental System Development
    In Journal of Systems and Software, 70 (3), pages 315-329, 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 636 Bytes) | BibTeX (TXT, 957 Bytes) | DOI]
  • A. Pretschner and O. Slotosch and E. Aiglstorfer and S. Kriebel.
    Model Based Testing for Real-The Inhouse Card Case Study
    In Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 5 (2-3), pages 140-157, 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 1 KB) | BibTeX (TXT, 2 KB)]
  • Nicole Rauch and Burkhart Wolff.
    Formalizing Java's Two's-Complement Integral Type in Isabelle/HOL
    ETH Zürich, Technical Report 458, 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 739 Bytes) | BibTeX (TXT, 1017 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 560 KB)]
  • C. Salzmann and T. Stauner and A. Pretschner.
    ICSE workshop: Software Engineering for Automotive Systems
    In ICSE 2004.IEEE, 2004.
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  • Heiko Mantel and David Sands.
    Controlled Declassification based on Intransitive Noninterference
    Department of Computer Science, Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University
    Technical Report 2004-06, 2004.
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  • Shane Sendall and Rainer Hauser and Jana Koehler and Jochen Küster and Michael Wahler.
    Understanding Model Transformation by Classification and Formalization
    In Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering: Software Transformation Systems Workshop., 2004.
    [BibTeX (TXT, 493 Bytes) | PDF (PDF, 54 KB)]
  • Christoph Sprenger and Dilian Gurov and Marieke Huisman.
    Compositional Verification for Secure Loading of Smart Card Applets
    In Formal Methods and Models for Co-Design (MEMOCODE).
    IEEE Computer Society, 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 1 KB) | BibTeX (TXT, 2 KB) | DOI]
  • Yannick Chevalier and Luca Compagna and Jorge Cuellar and Paul Hankes Drielsma and Jacopo Mantovani and Sebastian Mödersheim and Laurent Vigneron.
    A High Level Protocol Specification Language for Industrial Security-Sensitive Protocols.
    In Workshop on Specification and Automated Processing of Security Requirements (SAPS 2004). 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 1 KB) | BibTeX (TXT, 1 KB) | PDF (PDF, 196 KB) | gzip'ed Postscript (GZ, 141 KB)]
  • A. Pretschner and C. Salzmann and T. Stauner
    Proceedings of the ICSE 2004 workshop on Software Engineering for Automotive Systems.
    IEEE, 2004.
    [BibTeX (TXT, 634 Bytes) | PDF (TXT, 634 Bytes) | DOI]
  • Vijay Atluri and Michael Backes and David Basin and Michael Waidner.
    Conference on Computer and Communications Security
    In ACM Press New York, NY, USA, 2004.
    [abstract (TXT, 2 KB) | BibTeX (TXT, 311 Bytes) | cover (JPEG, 26 KB) | DOI]
  • David Basin and Michaël Rusinowitch.
    Automated Reasoning: Second International Joint Conference (IJCAR 2004)
    In Springer-Verlag, 2004.
    Volume 3097
    [abstract (TXT, 1 KB) | BibTeX (TXT, 2 KB) | cover (JPEG, 5 KB) | DOI]
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