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  • Alessandro Armando and David Basin and Mehdi Bouallagui and Yannick Chevalier and Luca Compagna and Sebastian Mödersheim and Michael Rusinowitch and Mathieu Turuani and Luca Viganò and Laurent Vigneron.
    The AVISS Security Protocol Analysis Tool
    In Computer-Aided Verification CAV'02. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2404 Springer-Verlag, 2002.
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  • K. Bender and M. Broy and I. Péter and A. Pretschner and T. Stauner.
    Model based development of hybrid systems: specification, simulation, test case generation
    In Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Hybrid Systems.LNCIS, 279. Springer, 2002.
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  • Torsten Lodderstedt and David Basin and Jürgen Doser.
    SecureUML: A UML-Based Modeling Language for Model-Driven Security.
    In The unified modeling language: model engineering, concepts, and tools; 5th international., 2460. Springer, 2002.
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  • B. Schätz and A. Pretschner and F. Huber and J. Philipps.
    Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems
    In Advances in Object-Oriented Information Systems.LNCS, 2426. Springer, 2002.
    [abstract (TXT, 718 Bytes) | BibTeX (TXT, 1 KB)]
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