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Fall Semester 2011 (252-4601-00L)


The seminar is held by Prof. Dr. David Basin, Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Plattner

Time: Mondays, 14-16 (starting September 26)
Place:  ML J 34.1

Grading: 2 ECTS credits
Graded semester performance


  • 27.09.2011: The seminar schedule has moved to a separate page.
  • 22.09.2011: The papers will be presented and assigned in the first session on Sep 26. For the first session, please make sure to check out the list of available papers in advance and to select at least 4 papers that you are interested in.
  • This course will start on September 26.

Course Description

The seminar covers a wide range of topics in information security including security protocols (models, properties, and verification), electronic voting, e-cash, service composition, device identification, privacy & smartphones, e-health, wireless security, anomaly detection.

The participants are expected to read a scientific paper and present it in a 35-40 min talk.

The main goals of the seminar are the independent study of scientific literature and assessment of its contributions as well as learning and practicing presentation techniques.


At least one of the following

  • Information Security (Maurer / Basin)
  • Cryptographic Protocols (Maurer / Hirt)
  • System Security (Capkun / Caronni / Weiler)

Course material

  • Available papers
  • Here is a "Small Guide to Giving Presentations" by Markus Püschel that you might find useful to help you with the preparation of your talk.

Schedule and grading

  • Schedule of the seminar.
  • Criteria for determining grades.
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